Education Canine et Etude du Comportement
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Dog Training in English at your home

Only Positive Methods!


Lessons in English are available for all dogs from 7 weeks to advanced age with exclusive use of gentle training methods.

Here are the different services available.

For any question, please feel free to contact us:
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PUPPIES (up to 4 months)

- Before the dog arrives
I help you chose the breed, the breeder and the puppy according to your expectations and to your lifestyle. 
I give you advice in order to welcome your dog the best way, information about dog socialization and training.  A follow-up with information sheets and answers to your questions is provided.
We start practical training using modern and positive methods (clicker-training, luring, "méthode naturelle"...) as soon as you welcome the puppy in your house.
- Socialization and puppy training
I give you advice for housebreaking, outside walks on and off-leash, feeding, socialization...
First training with modern and positive methods (clicker-training, lurring, "méthode naturelle"...).  


- Training
I help you teach your dog the main requests (sit, lie down, come, stay...) and to behave well at home and outside, using gentle training methods.
Clicker-training and introduction to Dog Dancing are available!

- Behavior problems
You may need advice if your adult dog is not housebroken, makes destructions, shows agression or for any other issue.
I help you understand and communicate better with your dog.  We find ecological and respectful solutions together in order to address the behavior problem.

- Training and behavior
If you need help for behavior problems as well as for formal training, this is the best program for you and your dog
.  We will work on both parts.


- Group lesson for beginers or advanced
One private lesson should be taken before integrating to a group lesson.

- Group walk with owners and their dogs
One private lesson should be taken before integrating to a group lesson.


Neighborhood walks, Walks in the wood, Socialization walks for puppies, Sportive rides with bicycle...
Ask for the service that suits you and your dog the best.



I personally take care of your dog at my home for half a day, a full day or for several days.  
Boarding with training is available as well as dogsitting at your place.