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About Irene

25 years of passion for dogs

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My passion for dogs started when I was a child.  I started to get interested in dog behavior when I was 10 years old, with a preference for gentle training methods, which were very rare at that moment. 

  About Irene Cani Class I use to take car of my
   friends  and neighbors' dogs,
   before I could get my own
   dog when I was 15
.     Parcours Irene Cani Class    


Lifelong learning

So as to give the best service to my human and doggy clients, I keep on learning with ethologs, coaches, trainers and dog behavior specialists, reknowned in France or worldwide, for their skills.


Dog courses followed

- Course "Tenue de consultation et intervention en comportement canin", Simonne Raffa. December 2018

- Course "agression et agressivité du chien" organised by SEEVAD. December 2016

- Course "training and dog behavior" with Jean Lessard. Novembre 2015

- Agility workshops with Jessica et Fabien Flouret. September 2015

- Course 'Do as I do' level 1
Claudia Fugazza. May 2014

- Agility workshops "maîtriser les obstacles" et "conduite"
Declic et des chiens. July and September 2013

- Clicker-Training workshop, advanced level
Kimberley Johnson, certified by Karen Pryor Academy, Aug 2012

- Dog Dancing workshops
Isabelle Robelet, Champion of France 2008 cat. intermédiaire, July 2012
Alexandra Creusot, Jan 2010

- Workshop "gestion du chien à comportements extrêmes"
Françoise Martin, Oct 2011

- "Cautious dogs, fearful dogs" (chiens prudents, chiens peureux)
Sheila Harper, Jan 2010

 - Animalin, formation en Clicker Training et en Education Canine niveau 2
Catherine Collignon, 2007

- EAPAC, formation en Comportement Canin
Dr Alain Weiss et Joëlle Caverivière, 2007

Dog seminars attended

. DogEvent 2015, Paris - Susan Friedman, Kathy Sdao, Ken Ramirez, Jo-Rosie Haffenden, Kelly Gorman Dunbar, Joey Iversen, Grisha Stewart, Chirag Patel, mai 15

. "Click to calm, heal the aggressive dog", Paris - Emma Parsons, juin 14

. "Dog aggression: from brain to bite"National Veterinary School of Paris Alfort - Chirag Patel
   Sept 13
- Organized by CANI CLASS and Dog's Compagnie

. 1er Symposium d'éthologie vétérinaire, Paris - SEEVAD, Sept 11

. "Le chien agressif, comment l'aborder..." , Paris - Françoise Martin, March10

. 4me Université d'Automne des Comportementalistes, Paris, - CAD, Nov 09

. 4me Congrès international de l'éducation canine & du comportement, Paris - MFEC & SFC, Jun 09

. "Bien-être et bien-traitance d'une espèce à rôles multiples...", Paris - SFC & SPA, Sep 08

. "Homme et animal : de la douleur à la cruauté", Paris - LFDA, Oct 07

. "Entre chien et loup", Colloque international, Lyon, Feb 06


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