CANI CLASS Dog Training School in Paris
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The Kong toy

Filled with treats, it gives your dog a good occupation during your absences.


The Clicker

Plus de limites pour apprendre de nouvelles choses

You will have no limit to teach new tricks to your dogs with positive methods!

The pull-free harness

Effficient and gentle, it is a revolution for owners and dogs!

Bien plus efficace que le collier étrangleur et non douloureux,

The treat bag



Practical, you can easily clip it on your trousers to have your hands free and your rewards available at any time.


If you are interested in those items, feel free to contact Irene: 01 43 28 26  60 / 06 45 95 58 39 or by e-mail :

Note : Electric collars are items that I categorically discourage using.  Forbiden in various European countries, they can be dangerous for your dog physically as well as psychologically.  They are not necessary to teach your dog to recall, nor to train him.  Positive methods are available and are used by Professionnal Dog Trainers, members of the MFEC.