CANI CLASS Dog Training School in Paris
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Dog Training

I will explain to you the different ways that dogs can learn, in order to make your dog answer your requests with enthousiasm.

For any information, please feel free to conctact Irene:

01 43 28 26 60 / 06 45 95 58 39

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Exclusive use of modern and gentle methods

I adapt my methods to each dog, always respecting their physical and mental integrity:

- With the "méthode naturelle", we can easily train a dog without any restraint and preserving the trust his has upon his owner, as well as a strong quality bond.

- Clicker-Training makes the dog an actor and makes him think.  It requires a lot of concentration for your dog and thus makes him focus his energy positively.  Your dog will ask for more lessons!

I do not use electric or shock collars.  The goal is to teach the dog to cooperate spontaneously without having to use the leash.

The purposes are various:

- Teaching the dog the main positions (sit, down, stay...), and to come back in any circumstances

- Improve the dog's integration in his human family (avoiding jumping, getting used to stay in his carrier, learning not to beg...)

- Teaching the dog new tricks (drop, back, pick up and object...) in order to develop his intelligence and reinforce your relationship.

I give you the keys so that you can better understand your dog and then continue training him by yourself in good spirits.  You will get long-term benefits by being regular, constant and coherent.