CANI CLASS Dog Training School in Paris
- 01 43 28 26 60 -



- Before the dog arrives
I help you chose the breed, the breeder and the puppy according to your expectations and to your lifestyle. 
I give you advice in order to welcome your dog the best way, information about dog socialization and training.  A follow-up with information sheets and answers to your questions is provided.

- Training
I help you teach your dog the main requests (sit, lie down, come, stay...) and to behave well at home and outside, using gentle training methods.

- Behavior problems
You may need advice if your adult dog is not housebroken, makes destructions, shows agression or for any other issue.
I help you understand and communicate better with your dog.  We find ecological and respectful solutions together in order to address the behavior problem.

1 lesson: 95€ at your home.  
6 month-packages: 250€ for 3 lessons or 400€ for 5 lessons
1 year-packages: 630€ for 10 lessons or 950€ for 20 lessons


New: Sessions indoor in Saint-Maur (94)

10% discount on the base rate.

Sessions by phone / Skype

Before you adopt or buy a puppy or an adult dog / Advice before a trip with your dog / To teach your dog to stay alone...
1 hour at 75€ ; 1 hour 30 at 85



- Group walk with owners and their dogs
One private lesson should be taken before joining a group lesson.
1 group walk: 15€.  5-group walk-package: 65€. 10-group walk-package: 110€ 



- Half-day care (less than 4 hours): 28.
- Day care (up to 12 hours): 35 
- Boarding with night (12 to 24 hours): 40

- 10% discount for the second dog
- "Taxi" : 20 per trip

- Dogsitting at your home: 30for the first hour. 15 for the following hours.

For family boarding, a 33% deposit will be asked to confirm your reservation.  It will be given back to you if you cancel more than 4 days before the first day of the boarding.
A 4 hour-assessment charged 28€ is required for all new dogs.