CANI CLASS Dog Training School in Paris
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Positive Training

These pictures show dogs trained only with positive methods, without any intimidation.

  • Câlin, 5-year-old rescue Golden Retriever

    Câlin, 5-year-old rescue Golden Retriever

    At the beginning of the lesson, Câlin is nervous when one touches the door and rushes when it gets open. After ---- 15 min of exercices with the clicker, without any pressure or intimidation, Câlin prefers to wait inside instead of -- rushing out.

  • Loukoum, 9 monthes

    Loukoum, 9 monthes

    Loukoum sits and waits before crossing a road

  • ressource guarding

    ressource guarding

    Gaïa doesn't like when other dogs come next to "her" food. She is learning, with positive methods, that she gets more treats when dogs are near her and when she stands still..